Ian Hartten

Founder & Director

419.776.7000 x200 | [email protected]

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Ian Hartten

Ian is the Founder and Director of Thrive Internet Marketing. Ian has a vast Internet development skill set which includes server administration, software development, ecommerce development and a passion for online marketing. Ian founded Toledo Ohio's first ISP in 1994 at the age of 24 and has been working in the business ever since. Wow-17 years, that's almost since Al Gore invented the Internet!

"There is a better way to promote your products and services by creating a new marketing effort that blends a content rich website, strong social media effort, email marketing campaigns, and local search engine ranking into a Digital Marketing strategy that can attract and create new customers that is measurable. The goal is to create a lower customer acquisition cost using digital marketing. 

I believe... traditional Marketing channels like broadcast TV, newsprint, trade shows and radio are expensive and have a declining return on investment for most small and medium sized businesses. We are in the middle of a marketing revolution. As consumers we have become experts at filtering advertising and have developed innovative ways to block it. We carry iPods, have digital satellite radio, subscribe to personalized news websites, have DVRs, and use Hulu. We simply don’t want to be marketed "to”, we want to research our interests online and socially with people we trust. Today I did 20 searches online already myself."