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Here at Thrive, we realized that YMCAs have a very unique position on Facebook and Twitter. Just like any organization, YMCAs want their members to know what is going on at each location, fundraisers, events, pool closings, fitness classes etc. Since the booming growth of social media, alerting members of this information has become much easier to broadcast.  However, how do you keep the information pipeline filled once you have posted all the current events?  Social Media requires a constant stream of engaging content.

How do you keep your members engaged with your facility other than just posting alerts for programs and events? We all know how people feel about re-runs on TV.  Social Media engagement requires a constant flow of new, interesting, relevant content.

Sharing the knowledge of your staff members on the topics of Healthy Living, Youth Development and Social Responsibility (which happens to be the 3 core values of YMCAs) is essential.. When an individual or a family becomes a member of an organization, they already have a sense of trust and interest, which you will want to build on by keeping them informed through your Facebook and Twitter pages.