YMCA Website & Lifetime Value Calculators

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Below are two tools we developed to help show you how valuable members or member prospects are to your YMCA. And hopefully you will see the link between fast tracking people towards membership and the need for a strong web presence for your YMCA.

YMCA Lifetime Member Value Calculator

With the Membership Rate Calculator, keep in mind the numbers only reflect the memberships. They don't take in account any classes, services, or donations your members might engage in.

YMCA Website Revenue Generator

The goal of our ySites is to help the local YMCA to enroll 10 new members per month. How many new members does your current site help enroll? Enter any combinations of numbers below and see the impact.


By now, hopefully, you understand that we believe that your website should not be seen as an expense, it should be a Revenue Machine.

So as we talk to YMCAs across the country one of the questions we ask is "How much does it cost to join your Y?" And " How long does the average member stay with you?" We feel this is important because once you determine how much revenue a single new member brings to your local YMCA, it makes the decision making process a lot easier.

After surveying a number of YMCAs, we have determined that the average monthly cost of joining a Y is currently $53.

Which represents $636 in annual revenue.

The average YMCA member stays for 7.5 years.

So each member or member prospect is worth $4,770.  Is this worth fighting for? We think so.