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Your Members Deserve the Best.
You Deserve the Best.

Join our YMCA community and get the best YMCA website in the world.
100s of Ys can't be wrong.

We Love Building YMCA Websites!

We'd like to introduce you to our ySite product. A ySite is a YMCA pre-configured website developed specifically for YMCAs.

What does this mean? It's simple; we have an adaptable YMCA website design package ready to fit your specific Y branding.  Many features are included, such as a first-class content management system made specifically for non-profits allowing your staff to quickly and easily manage your website without the incremental costs of a dedicated web designer. As well as a plethora of marketing tools, that we call the Membership Machine™, that you'll have available at your fingertips to increase membership & increase signups for programs.

Our team of developers created a world-class YMCA website package that can be deployed in less than a week.  Our ySite solution provides your YMCA association with a feature rich, dynamic web presence and an easy-to-use interface.  Thanks to ySite's enhanced interactivity, site visitors can quickly find the information they need so you can focus on expanding your brand.   

Our YMCA website solutions help your organization reach its true potential through increased revenue, simplification of tasks and an update of your digital image. Our unique pairing of customized web software with world-class support and services offer numerous advantages to YMCAs wanting to take their Internet presence to the next level.  Let Thrive Internet Marketing show you the ySite difference!  

Preview of a ySite on a phone, tablet, and laptop

To browse all of the ySite features or to get your FREE personal demo in less than 48 hours:


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There are many reasons to get a new ySite:

  • If your website is old & outdated
  • If you can't edit content because you don't have a functioning Content Management System
  • You need to be brand compliant to meet the YMCA branding audit guidelines
  • You are worried that your site will not pass an ADA audit
  • If your website is not mobile-friendly
  • If your IT/Support staff is hard to reach and/or slow to respond
  • If a Board member says they are having a hard time navigating the site & now it's time to update
  • If your website is not generating new member leads every month


Start Today

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So your Y put you in charge of the new website project...

You're probably the Marketing Director of your YMCA or have some version of "Marketing" in your title. If you are a single location association you may even be the CFO or CEO

It doesn't matter if your YMCA is small or large.
We love working with all sizes of the Y!


Why choose a ySite?

Thrive has become well versed through our years of experience working with YMCA's. We know your industry and how to make your website work FOR your Y.

Our ySite Products cost about HALF of what most custom YMCA websites cost to build. We continue to improve our designs and user experience to ensure that you're getting the best YMCA website available.

We have a quick-responding, dedicated support team (based in Perrysburg, Ohio) that you will come to know and trust.

We understand the YMCA Brand Strategy and by working with Thrive, we guarantee you will pass a YMCA Brand Audit. (If for some reason you don't pass, we'll fix whatever is needed at no charge.)

What's Included in the Monthly Software Subscription?

Because your ySite is more than just a website... You also get:

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Regular Software Updates

Feature & functionality updates. (monthly/quarterly)

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Enterprise CMS

Easy to use content management system for updating your own website.

icon of a lock (for security)
Critical Security Updates

We are security fanatics. Your website will be upgraded with core updates.

icon for cloud hosting
   Business-class Hosting

Your website hosting and your traffic's bandwidth usage

icon for support
Dedicated Support Team

You get 2 hours of professional support per month. Call or email!

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Unlimited Training

Training anytime you need it. For you or anyone on your team.

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FREE Digital Marketing Help

Free access to a Digital Marketing Advisor anytime you need it. Call or email!

icon for no long term contracts
No Long-Term Contracts

Your pricing is guaranteed for 3 years. Our month-to-month contract let's you cancel anytime.

We power hundreds of YMCA's across the country

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Countdown until our
Next YMCA Launch

Countdown until our Next YMCA Launch

In Progress: Rockland County YMCA

In the meantime, view our most recent YMCA Launch: Geneva Lakes Family YMCA

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Generate $450,000 A Year Of New Membership Revenues

Thrive believes that your YMCA's Website should never be considered an expense.  We consider your website to be a virtual salesperson that generates actionable leads that your team can convert to members. 

Our goal is to help you convert an old typical YMCA website into a Membership Machine that will grow your membership revenues every month. We have a proven process that you can start using the day we launch your new ySite. 

Plug  your own numbers into our Lifetime Value Calculator and find out what an additional X number of members a month can do to your bottom line.

We'll Guide You Through Our Fast & Streamlined Website Launch Process

Sleep easy at night and benefit from our community of YMCA website clients. After 100+ YMCA websites, we have streamlined the process. You will get a "Cheat Sheet" of all of our meetings, our process, and everything we will cover in the typical 6-8 weeks it will take to launch your website. 

Need it sooner? We can do that too!
(Our current record is TEN business days.)

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100% Brand Compliant
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Mobile Responsive
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Weekly Meetings to Stay on Track

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Completely Reinvent the Look of Your ySite Anytime

The best way to think of our ySite solution is to consider it the Rubik's Cube of YMCA websites. Our design includes many features and interchangeable components - we will help you configure the website to fit the needs for your unique Y. Change the look of the homepage anytime without having a rebuild your whole website - giving your investment longevity for years and years.

See our Layout Design Options or even use our LIVE ySite Designer Tool to start building your own ySite now. 

Thrive vs. Local Web Developers

Thrive Logo

Security, Security, Security. Thrive builds ySites on the Accrisoft Freedom Content Management System, which is a safe and secure system that we update regularly.

We know the YMCAs. Thrive works with over 100 branches of the YMCA, so we know your organization well, how it works, and what it needs to grow.

You'll have full control of your website's back-office. No need to contact us to make an update to your site. Just log in and edit!

Other Providers

Other systems/software are prone to hacking and malware. In 2017 WordPress ranked as one of the most insecure Content Management Systems online.

No other company has hosted more YMCA websites. As of January 2018, we have built and launched 100 YMCA websites, covering more than 350 branches.

Long wait time for the IT/Support staff to make site updates. If you run into a problem, the Thrive Support Team closes help tickets in less than four hours on average.

Discover How Our Membership Machine™ Can Drive More Revenue

We created the Membership Machine™ as a toolset you can use to help grow your membership and turn your website into your very own 24/7 salesperson!

Membership Rates

Countdown Timer


Silent Salesman


Drip Email


 The Membership Machine - Tools to help you build membership

Membership Rates Calculator - this allows you a variety of ways to display your membership rates - by income or age. The Scholarship Calculator allows member prospects to identify themselves as possibly qualifying for special discounts.

Countdown Timer Bar -Designed to live on the Home Page, this tool allows you to display a countdown clock to a special event to increase the urgency for a site visitor to take immediate action.

yBox - We used to call these pop-up ads. It allows a custom message to "pop up" on your website at a time determined by you - usually after a visitor has visited a page or two. It is a powerful tool to encourage a call to action for a special program.

Silent Salesman - A tool that resides on the Home page designed to expand when activated by the site visitor, it can be used to support any program and its primary mission is to capture contact information for sales leads. Note the sticky nav.

yStories - A great way to get members to tell your story. Unlike advertising, consumers like to hear from the people using your facilities. This tool allows you to collect and post positive reviews from your members.

Drip Email Marketing -  Tools shown in the Membership Machine are designed to capture the contact information of member prospects. Drip Email allows you to schedule a series of emails highlighting the benefits of joining your Y.

Hear it straight from your YMCA peers

"The team at Thrive has been amazing to work with. Everyone responds quickly to questions and goes above and beyond in accommodating specific requests. I have been through several web redesigns during my career, and Thrive by far has exceeded the overall experience with their professionalism and service. "

Brittany Madonna Marketing & Communications Director YMCA of Virginia's Blue Ridge

"Ive been working with the team at Thrive for over 15 years now, built 7 brand new sites, hundreds of updates within each site, and have won over 10 awards throughout the years... Id recommend Thrive for any web build, digital footprint or advertising need, or digital marketing for any size organization or company. You wont be disappointed when you do."

Greg Albers Vice President of Marketing and Communications Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges

"I have worked with team THRIVE for over 6 years now and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. Their knowledge and professionalism is the best in the business. I feel comfort knowing they are always on the cutting edge of technology and always offering assistance and updates to better our site and social media strategy. THRIVE is truly a Y team player and has their clients best interest at heart."

Samantha Scott Art Director YMCA of Greater Toledo

Thrive is Always Here With Help and Support

With Thrive, you are never alone. We have a dedicated support team that works full-time weekly, normal business hours, just like you. This is the business class support your YMCA deserves, but unfortunately probably doesn’t always get – we’re here to change that for you.

When times are tough, you rely on your friends and family to help get you through it. We at Thrive are your family. We can help answer questions, teach you how to use your site, and even fix minor bugs with the code or CMS. Pick up the phone and call us, send an email, or even fill out our support form whenever you need help.


Email & Phone Support

Unlimited Training

Dedicated Support Team

Test Our Support Right Now!

Email: [email protected]
and/or Call: 419.776.7000 x5

If you don't know what to ask? Simply say: "I'm so & so from the such & such YMCA and was curious about your YMCA support"

Join 100's of other YMCA the rely on Thrive's support team. We are happy to help!

Meet the yTeam

Ian Hartten

Ian Hartten

Founder & Director

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

YMCA Consultant

James Harsh

James Harsh

YMCA Consultant

Kirsten Ingram

Kirsten Ingram

YMCA Project Coordinator

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

ySite Director

Dominick Thumel

Dominick Thumel

ySite Director / ySite Support

Andy Baltes

Andy Baltes

ySite Engineer

Daniel Bastos

Daniel Bastos

App / Backend Developer

Sarah McCraney

Sarah McCraney

ySite Developer



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