Thrive's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the rapidly changing situation, we’d like to communicate the changes that Thrive is making due to the coronavirus COVID-19. The health and well-being of the Thrive team, our clients and the community in which we live is our highest priority.

Be assured that our team will continue to support our clients by taking a very proactive approach to staying safe. We are continuing to monitor the situation and follow the recommendations from our local and regional governments, including the CDC and the WHO. Most of the Thrive team has now transitioned to a work from home plan and not meeting face to face with any of our clients or vendors.

Despite the current situation, we are 100% dedicated to supporting you, your website and your digital marketing efforts. There will not be any disruptions to our services and we will continue to be responsive to your support requests.

The Thrive team is working together to take preventative actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our workplace and our community. We have agreed that this situation is unprecedented and that we feel that it’s time to take quick action and make decisions early vs later during the crisis. Our existing healthcare system is not prepared to handle the potential capacity of the sick and may easily become overwhelmed.

The team has shared best practices, and is committed to taking the following actions to protect the most at risk members of our families, workplaces and communities.

  • We are moving to a work from home plan as soon as possible and hosting the smallest amount of people in-office
  • We are using Go-To-Meeting and Zoom for all client interactions and not allowing for onsite visits in our offices or at the offices of our customers
  • We are all restricting non-essential travel to conferences and being very selective in regards to any interaction where people congregate
  • We are encouraging other people and companies in our community to take similar preventative measures with their team and staff (see
  • We are active on social media to learn as much as possible about this national emergency directly from the leaders that are fighting against this pandemic

Let’s all support one another during these uncertain times.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in the days ahead..

Thank you & stay safe.

The Thrive Team