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Inspiring and Connecting Thoughtful Giving.
A community foundation serving the Toledo region, including NW Ohio and SE Michigan since 1973.


The Toledo Foundation is a large organization that services over 500 of the Toledo region's non-profit organizations. As a foundation they have a public facing website as well as an internal intranet site to house files, images and forms that their team needs access to from any place at anytime. Thrive has also added an event system that allows people to make reservations and/or purchase tickets to training or events. Accepting secure donations has also been added to increase the ROI and make the process of giving more easy. 

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Sophisticated & Easy To Use Graphic

Sophisticated & Easy To Use

The Toledo Community Foundation needed the Thrive team to help them navigate the technology landscape and create a digital blueprint for their website, design a sophisticated look and feel, make it easy for non-technical staff to update and give the site enough horse power to load fast and be mobile friendly. Through our development process that consists of a series of 6 weekly or bi-monthly meetings we were able to learn their goals and create a website design that their executives felt represented their image. The Result: a site that the staff can easily update, has many years of longevity and has demonstrated a superior ROI. 

Easy to Manage CMS

Making updates to the site takes minutes vs hours. All of Thrive's website creations are based on a business class content management system that the Thrive development team trains all clients on. 

Also if a mistake is made, rolling back to the previous version of a time stamped page is easy to do. It only takes moments in the case of an error. 


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Open Sans


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Color Palette

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Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Every page of this site has been optimized to fit any screen size to make the browsing experience seamless between all devices.

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