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Supplying CPR Training Manikins, AED Trainers and CPR/AED Training Supplies & Accessories that will give your students the confidence to be ready.


Prestan Products was an e-Commerce style project, without the e-commerce. The main calls to action were not necessarily trying to get you to buy directly from them, but to find a distributor. More importantly we need to give full overviews, photos, and specifications of the PRESTAN Products line. 

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Showcasing the full PRESTAN product line Graphic

Showcasing the full PRESTAN product line

Our goal was to allow PRESTAN Products a way to show off the variety of products that they offer while telling a story of why their quality is important, and why their medical supplies are unique.

The website becomes a way for end users to browse the product lines, explore features and find distributors in their area. 

Browsing for Distributors

The distributor network is what makes PRESTAN Products a unique company. They have many regions that they serve, and many medical supply companies that sell PRESTAN Products. The website aims to make it easier to browse these distributors and find places for end consumers to purchase the CPR Manikins and related supplies from a third party provider. 

Browsing for Distributors Graphic

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Responsive, mobile-friendly design Graphic

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