Use Your IPhone To Take Website Quality Photos!

Friday, September 23, 2016 | Jeff Davis

Face it. Videos and Photographs are interesting. They make a website POP!

In fact our newest YMCA template uses video on the home page, replacing the slide show. Visit it here.


Note that we shot this video in about two hours using a GoPro and we are streaming it through YouTube.

If you don't have a GoPro, you probably have access to an iPhone. Here are a few ideas on how to take great, website quality photos using your iPhone.

For more ideas on how to use your iPhone to enhance your website, below is a link to a great article by Lindsay Kolowich of Hubspot. Thanks for the help Lindsay!

Phone Photography 101: How to Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

Here are a few of my favorites - no brainers.

Use Gridlines to Balance Your Shot

Turning on the gridlines "superimposes a series of lines on the screen of your smartphone's camera that are based on the "rule of thirds" -- a photographic composition principle that says an image should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you have nine parts in total."



Play with reflections.

Our eyes are drawn to reflections in photos. Find ways to play with them. A great idea for outdoor shots.


Avoid zooming in.

It is tempting to find something in your line of site and zoom in on it. However, unless you are looking a picture of one of your children, resist the temptation. if you think you need to zoom in, don't. Simply get closer to the subject. Zooming in can lead to blurry, fuzzy images.

Use natural light.

iPhones do a great job of taking photos in natural light. Photos taken with the flash look harsh, over exposed and washed out.

Take candids.

Natural, candid photographs are almost always more interesting than staged photos. Candid shots have the ability to capture the emotion of the moment. Something you cannot stage.

For more great ideas, please visit Lindsay's article: Phone Photography 101: How to Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

If you want to know more about how we shot the YMCA Home Page video with a GoPro, call us at 419-776-7000 or contact us using the form below. Thrive has a "Video" package available to YMCAs and it all comes in a box. It includes GoPro and Tips on How to Shoot a Great Video. You shoot the video, return the Go Pro with all the raw footage, we edit the video and post it on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.



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