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Friday, August 14, 2015 | Jeff Davis

No, not Wired.com too...  

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Since I have worked in the publishing arena for the past eight years, I have an acute understanding of the need for paid advertising.  I too enjoy the occasional paycheck.

But there is an alarming trend in websites today.  The Pop Up.  We seem to be recycling 2000 all over again. Today I followed a link to an article on Wired.com and as soon as I saw the article loading, the screen went dark and in its place was darkness, followed by self playing video.  Shame on you.  You successfully goaded me into action.  I closed the site and went elsewhere.

It seems like more and more publishers are hitting us with ads, requests for newsletter subscriptions and Like Us on Facebook! requests BEFORE we are engaged with the content they promise.  Note, I am NOT anti-Pop Up ads, I am against asking me for a commitment before we have even dated.  Or in most cases. even met.

Save the pleas until I have had a chance to experience the wonder of your publication. For heaven's sake, a little romance.  Please.  In full discloser Thrive builds websites and we offer a Pop Up Box as part of the content management   system. But we do so after instructing the local YMCA when it is appropriate to use it and when it is not. Wait until the visitor gets to page 2 or 3 or 4. Set a cookie so the visitor does not see the same ad for seven days, ten days, 30 days.  Give them a break.

"Respect your audience and you will have a much better chance at making a favorable impression and have a chance at converting them into a cherished customer."

I am off to read an article about NASA's engine test for a Mars Mission on another website.

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